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PostPosted: Sat Jan 02, 2016 12:24 am
Hello BL!

As some of you may remember, there was a plot on the board involving kidnapped lycanthropes, and the sale of lycanthropy disease. We called it the Bottle Plot. Below, you will see how this branch of the plot ended, as well as the fall of the Rodere, and the rise of the Rodere.

For various reasons, we have resolved the plot off camera, so to speak. That does not mean you cannot have your characters involved! If your character would have been involved, or you have an idea of how they could be involved, then by all means plot it out and thread it out in the In the Past forum. Please consult with Tiz and/or Aesa, however, to ensure that the thread idea does not conflict with any other details that may have developed.


The Bottle Plot might have ended, but the consequences remain. Please join us at the Island of Doctor Moreau for the true culmination!

The Bottle Plot Ending and the Rodere Beginning Timeline

10.31.15 - Pippa goes missing from Halloween Party.

11.09.15 - Suspected that Pippa's disappearance is connected to recent rash of shifter disappearances (Bottle Plot). First rat to ever be taken, after period of seemingly no disappearances. Eddie comes dangerously close to outting self to department.

11.22.15 - Find Bottle Bad Guy safe house, no Pippa (or Pippa scent), mostly empty cages with dirty and bloody clothes (including Simone's denim jacket). It is unclear if the previous inhabitants were killed, or moved.

11.23.15 - Strong scent of David, Rom George's son, at safe house, but David has not been kidnapped. Suspected that David is involved, but there is no evidence that would link him for police involvement. Eddie again risks outting himself again to law enforcement.

11.24.15 - Eddie goes to Rom, knowing George is going to be heartbroken. He was never right after the loss of his mate, and now his only son was connected to a slew of disappearances and the potential sale of the lycanthropy gene. George says he will handle it.

12.1.15 - George continues to assert that he will handle the situation, and Eddie chooses to trust him.

12.8.15 - With no other leads, and believing Pippa's life is at risk, Eddie goes to the Vatave. The Vatave agrees to investigate, but is unable to learn enough information to recommend a Kris, due to the Rom running interference.

12.17.15 - Another 'safe house' is discovered, several shifters are found, but no Pippa. Again, David's scent is found, and several of the victims assert they have seen a rat matching his description involved.

12.21.15 - Eddie confronts Rom George again, and George remains desperate to protect his son. He tells Eddie that short a new Rom, there will be no changes in the Rodere's position.

12.25.15 - After much consideration, Eddie challenges George and wins position of Rom. David is detained and convinced to provide information. While David did not know what happened to victims after they were moved, was able to provide several addresses to other holding locations.

12.26.15 - Pippa, along with half a dozen other lycanthropes, are among those saved from the addresses provided by David.