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I Still Love You *Tag: Gage*

Home to GiGi D'Amico and refuge for the Pard in Boston: Stunning 6 BR gated residence - approx 6,000 sft with magnificent African mahogany stairwells, fabulous eat-in-kitchen in onyx and granite, Dining Room with wood burning Fireplace, great Living Room with 2 Fire Places overlooking architect. designed garden with multiple terraces and koi ponds. Master BR suite with Fireplace, private terrace, and Master bath in onyx and black granite with double jacuzzi and steam shower. Excellent entertainment areas with high class amenities including: multiple terraces, sauna, endless pool, whirlpool, and greenhouse. The multiple car garage also features several apartments above it and a gatehouse on the property holds an additional three bedrooms with their own baths as well as a kitchen and dining area and the security room.

I Still Love You *Tag: Gage* » Wed Feb 28, 2018 3:01 am

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Written By: Nyx
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Power Level: 35
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Active Auras:
Sorrow & Pain
Albino, lots of healed scars.
Misc Notes:
He is a huge flirt.

Re: I Still Love You *Tag: Gage* » Tue Mar 13, 2018 1:57 pm

for your entertainment by adam lambert
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Leopard. Smells of sandalwood and nag champa. Compassionate. Strong. Loyal. Focused.
Average height for a male. Fair skin. Feathery silver hair and piercing ice-blue eyes. Dapper.
Misc Notes:
29 years of age. Member of the Pardi Dell'Ombre Pard. Pomme de Sang to Skye Williams.

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