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Largely of a compilation of low-rise Federal style and masonry buildings, and modern highrises, Downtown Boston is a thriving example of modern times in a historic setting.

Places of interest include: South Station, Downtown Crossing, Faneuil Hall, Theater District, Financial District.

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  • City Hall

    Boston City hall was originally constructed in the 60s as part of a redesign effort by the city that included it, the plaza it rests on, and the rest of the Government Complex. Made of Concrete and glass, it is a prime example of the Brutalist style of architecture, with sharp angles and many flat planes.
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  • Boston Police Department/RPIT
    Home and HQ to Boston's finest.

    The Boston PD has the distinction of being the third oldest in the country, having been established in 1838. They currently keep their headquarters in an impressive four story glass building.
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  • Law Offices of D'Amico, Scafidi and Brown

    Nestled in the Financial District is the Law offices of D'Amico, Scafidi and Brown. One of the most respected law firms in the city. Although there have been rumors of the firm having ties to the Mafia.
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  • La Dernière Danse

    Cabal Territory

    A brick fronted building, La dernière danse. sits on the corner of one of the inner most blocks of the financial area. Five days/nights out of the week you can catch classic and well know plays while eating the finest food in the Boston area. Two nights out of the week La dernière danse caterd more towards the Supernatural population of Boston. Willing donors are added to the five star meals and the entertainment is more mature. Run by the Kiss.
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  • Goodknight Tavern

    Owned and managed by Daniel Knight.
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  • Mountain Angel Tea and Herbs

    A small hole-in-the-wall kind of place, this tea and herb shop is run by Malak Aarle and her grandfather Falco. It features a wide variety of homemade teas and herbal remedies made from herbs grown in a small green house behind the shop. The main floor of the shop is small, but well-organized leaving patrons plenty of room to move. A small office in the back holds the door that leads outside as well as a small stairwell leading to a second story apartment where Malak and Falco live and make their wares.
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  • Lunar Ink
    Lunar Ink was done in black, silver, and white. The floor was black with silver marbling. The walls were white with a silver sheen overlay that made it look almost like moonlight. The chandelier in the middle of the room was gothic looking. Though electrical it looked like candles rather than modern lights. Even too the effect of the wax running down them. The counter sat directly in the middle with ropes on either side that open to let them back to the stations that line the right and left walls of the room. In the front before the desk on each side of the door is a couch area where the artists can go over the pieces and people can wait for the artists to be done. There are some arcade machines in the front, and a soda machine in the bathrooms. In the same hall across from them is Hunter's (formerly Styxx's) office as well as a door to the stairwell to the loft above to the left of the office. The back door for employees is at the back of the small hall.
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  • Looking Glass

    An Alice in Wonderland themed club with a Restaurant and Bar upstairs. Looking Glass is well known for headlining local up-and-coming bands and acts.
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    Sun May 20, 2018 5:58 am
  • Gallifrey and Donovan Psychiatric Offices

    This is the office of Nikolas Gallifrey and Olivier Donovan, two highly qualified and respected doctors dedicated to helping those who feel overwhelmed or like they cannot escape what ever troubles them. Done in lavish but functional furniture, the Victorian decor would give the impression that this office is like a home, and often times the office does tend to be that way for the doctors. It is a welcoming and safe atmosphere, open to all, human and supernatural who suffer from any and all states of mental trauma.
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  • Niflhel
    Niflhel is a three level night club destination, with great music, good booze and theme nights. Private rooms of all sizes are available at request, just please don't drag the club into any of your naughty business.

    Owned and Operated by: Loki Malevolent
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  • Master's Incorporated
    Standing like a shining beacon of James's ego, Master's Incorporated hasn't been in Downtown Boston for long but still makes an impression. It's floors and floors of steel and glass and where James runs his multi-billion dollar company and is the premier place for Designing and Drafting.
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  • The Rising Sun
    Owned and operated by Kenji Sasaki, this is Boston's largest club and music hall. Equipped with three bars, and 3 levels overlooking the main floor. It is also equipped with a full sized stadium stage, and one smaller circular stage in the center if the main dance floor. The goal of this club is to bring Adam music culture from the far East to the greater Boston area. Though the main attraction happens to be Kenji himself, people from all over the north east flock to see the singing Samurai.

    Monday - thursday: 5pm - 12am (Live DJ)
    Friday - Sunday: 5pm - 3am (Live Perfomances)
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