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House Scriptum Somnium

House Scriptum Somnium, better known as the Weaver Residence, is through an archway laden with rose vines. This archway opens into a garden of well tended but riotous flowers and curving pathways that lead to a Victorian styled mansion covered in flowering vines. The front door leads into the only room, that isn't a bathroom, in the house that does not have bookshelves lining the walls. It is a small entrance chamber with hooks for coats and hats. Every other room in the house, excluding bathrooms but including the kitchen, has shelves for books along the walls. Frankly it is more as if someone took a library and simply brought in furniture for each room. Everything has an old world vibe and styling to it, nothing to modern and you won't find a TV here. The house totals 4 bedrooms and 4 baths all together with plenty of rooms simply devoted to libraries or sitting areas to read. Around the back of the house is a second garden just a riotous and well kept as the first, though this one includes a greenhouse with herbs and other plants meant to be kept all year round. It is the home of one Syntyche Weaver and house to her collection of chronicles and general books on anything and everything.

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