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Zapretnaya Magiya


Zapretnaya Magiya is a rather nondescript storefront in the Leather District. This lone black door at a rather strangely narrow triangular corner opens onto a set of stairs going down to a basement store. The high windows are narrow and let in minor light leaving most of the lighting to the antique lights in the place, giving it a dim and yellow/orange cast. The store walls are lined with shelves with various objects, jars containing things, and drawers of varying sizes also containing different things. There are more displays and sets of shelves and drawers set up all around the shop, though none are taller then waist height in order to allow for the person behind the counter at the back of the store to see anyone in his store. The counter itself is glass fronted and displays some of the far more expensive things. There is a single door at the back of the shop that leads to a workroom for items that need to be made specifically. This is most certainly a store that caters to a certain type of client and only those looking will really find it. It is run by only one man, Wulf Adler, and the hours tend to vary depending upon his own schedule but he's open for at least a few hours every day (mostly in the evenings and nights).

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