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Xeitosa Deitar


: The exterior of Xeitosa Deitar is all all wood painted black and it looks unassuming. Nothing about the exterior of this bar/restaurant stands out and yet people seem to flock to it. That is all thanks to the interior. This place is something almost out of a fairy tale, if a bit dark and twisted. Its very new age and modern without being full of metal. The place has a vibe about it that is entirely other wordly and draws people in. The food is good and the drinks are all well made though none of those ridiculously over complicated drinks that most bars try to pass off as good. The employees are all somehow alternative in looks and attitude but never impolite. The whole place seems to be aimed at the younger generation and the owner happens to not only work there as a bartender but also sings frequently. That's another fun thing, this place always seems to have only the best live music though with its spacious design there are plenty of areas still to sit and talk without the music overpowering the conversation.

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