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Bible Club

Step back in time to the glory days of the 1920’s at The Bible Club. An underground symphonic stage hidden for over 70 years underneath a fixture of Boston’s music scene, M. S Steinert & Sons piano shop on Boylston Street. There is no sign outside, you just have to be “in the know”. If the light in the window of the shop above is green, the doors are open. If the light is red, it’s closed. Mind the business casual dress code, or you’ll be turned away at the door, and don’t even think about getting rowdy or the bouncers will see you out.

As you walk through the subterranean tunnel out into the main bar area, you are greeted with all the beauty and splendor of the roaring twenties. Staff adorned in era appropriate uniforms welcome you with open arms and smiling faces. Crystal glasses, plush velvet booths and of course, glittering chandeliers lead the way up toward the performance stage where live jazz music is always playing. If you want a rare treat, try to get on “Maggie’s list”. There’s a V.I.P members only club upstairs in the balcony of the theater, where you can get the real speakeasy experience. The owner would know, she lived it
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