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Lunar Ink

Lunar Ink was done in black, silver, and white. The floor was black with silver marbling. The walls were white with a silver sheen overlay that made it look almost like moonlight. The chandelier in the middle of the room was gothic looking. Though electrical it looked like candles rather than modern lights. Even too the effect of the wax running down them. The counter sat directly in the middle with ropes on either side that open to let them back to the stations that line the right and left walls of the room. In the front before the desk on each side of the door is a couch area where the artists can go over the pieces and people can wait for the artists to be done. There are some arcade machines in the front, and a soda machine in the bathrooms. In the same hall across from them is Hunter's (formerly Styxx's) office as well as a door to the stairwell to the loft above to the left of the office. The back door for employees is at the back of the small hall.
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