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DuMont House of Horrors

Cabal Territory

A 'haunted house' walk-through meant to frighten and excite, based in an house of mixed Edwardian and Victorian styles. The DuMont house of horrors is rumored to actually be haunted, as the house was built from imported pieces of castles and mansions from old English countries. The house is a walk through that begins with the traditional 'haunted house' silliness, but eventually becomes something more of a wax museum, mixed with different display rooms of various terrifying things, such as the spider room- a glass room which is, in fact, a giant terrarium for spiders, separated from tourists by a thin plate of glass on every side. Another favorite is the 'falling room' in which tourist are walked out onto a glass floor that appears to be suspended hundreds of feet above the ballroom. The floor of the 'falling room' shakes and seems to drop, while the hd screen below the 'floor' zooms in on the 'ground' below. Tours are provided by appointment or with an established guide group.
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