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Sherrin woods

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  • Forn Ben-már
    Forn Ben-már (Norse for Ancient Raven) is a small cabin located in the heart of Sherrin Woods. Its weathered exterior makes it appear as if it had always been there, grown with the forest and has seen all that has passed through the trees since before the first settler. There is only one room that is used as a workspace, kitchen, living area and bedroom. A small attachment behind the cabin acts as a slaughter house for such as deer, rabbit, and other game. It is home to the witch, Merida La Fay.
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  • Arqueiro

    This is the home of one Dwyn, a Wild Fae who happens to prefer living in the middle of the forest rather then with the rest of society. He's also known in the Fae community as The Archer and often sought out for aid in different things such as finding things and hunting people down. He's usually here if he's not working. The cabin itself is actually very nice and cozy on the inside with a stream running along one edge. It looks much like any other hunters cabin but there's something about it that makes people think twice about knocking on the door unless they know what lives there.
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